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School Policy

There has been some minor changes to our Evaluation Policy.   The deduction for missed tests has been reduced from 20% to 10% and some there has been some clarifications added.  Please review the policy to ensure you are up to date (see the documents link above).   Also, TA will be extended next week to review some of our policies.




FREE Tutoring!

CDLI offers FREE online tutoring.   The schedule can be found at the link:
(The schedule will be updated every Monday)

Access the tutoring website here:


Absent from School?

If your child is absent please be sure to let the school know by emailing


The Cougar Cup - Standings

TA Points TA Points
107 - Aylward    206 - O'Gay  
205 - Bourgeois   211 - Randell  
141 - Bungay   203 - Roberts  
232 - Denty   233 - Russell  
 204 - Ellis   156 - Stewart  
208 - Hackett   210 - Walsh  
202 - Jolliffe   158 - Winter